Gay Women Threaten to Marry Your Boyfriends

Unsolicited Project steps up to the gay marriage video challenge

Three States have legalized gay marriage in the US, the makers of this clip say, and the remaining should definitely consider it, as gay women are now threatening to marry men.

The girls at Unsolicited Project bring it to straight women's attention that they would make ideal candidates for their sweethearts, being that they love sports and video games, hate TV shows like The Bachelor and never go to the mall.

“Gay Women Will Marry Your Boyfriends” was inspired by the viral I covered two weeks ago, “Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfriends”.

A new clip in which straight men respond has popped up recently. In the video, straight men thank gay men for taking their girlfriends off their hands, as they don't intend to marry them anyway.

You can watch it here, but discretion is advised as strong language, which can be considered offensive, is used.

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