Gay Men Are Welcome to Take Our Girlfriends, Straight Men Respond

Scotch Tape respond to threats of gay men marrying their girls

Two weeks ago, I posted a gay men manifesto – in which they warned straight men they would marry their girlfriends if they weren't allowed to commit to each other.

The clip, created by CollegeHumor, illustrates the movement for gay marriage to be allowed in the United States, which has met a lot of resistance.

Scotch Tape respond to “threats” of gay men taking their sweethearts to the altar by simply saying “thanks!” Gay men are the straight men's heroes, as they don't want to get married anyway.

They also fight back by saying they are, in fact, better built and more prone to take violent action. They claim they would let their aggressive nature get the best of them, in case someone doesn't approve of their sense of fashion, for example, hereby living up to every stereotype known to man.

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