Gay Marriage Manifesto - Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfriends

Watch a hilarious clip that reveals why straight men should support gay marriage

In this hilarious clip, gay men threaten to take girls' affections away from the straight, if they are not given their civil rights.

If they are not backed up in their struggle to obtain the right to marry each other, they claim they will switch sides, in protest.

This clip was created by CollegeHumor, who, it's safe to say, support gay marriage. They explain what should motivate straight men to open their minds.

Gay men present themselves better, work out more, they are good listeners and would make understanding boyfriends. In the bedroom department, they would just have to be their caring selves to impress women.

In fact, CollegeHumor predicts that, in a dating race, they would score higher than any straight man.

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