“Gay” Dog Saved from Being Put to Sleep

His owner wanted him dead, hundreds stepped in to make sure it got rescued

Only yesterday, I reported on how a dog was sentenced to death by his owner on account of his liking male pooches a bit too much.

To cut a long story short, this dog's owner believed that his pet was gay, and decided that the only thing left to do was euthanize him.

Luckily for this pooch, the online community stepped in and the dog was rescued, sources report.

More precisely, several people took to Facebook in order to express their outrage concerning this situation, and soon enough someone stepped up and offered to become the dog's new owner.

Thus, he now has a family, whose members agreed to adopt him and who, unlike his previous owner, are well aware of the fact that this pooch’s rainbow-ish behavior was actually meant as a sign of dominance.

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