Gary Dourdan Pleads No Contest in Domestic Violence Case

Former “CSI” star is sentenced to 5 years of probation

Gary Dourdan’s problems are landing him in the headlines once more. The former “CSI” star filed for bankruptcy earlier this month and, just the other day, he showed up in court to answer charges of domestic abuse.

He pled no contest on one count of felony Corporal Injury to a Cohabitant of Former Cohabitant, E! Online reports. In exchange, he got out of doing any time behind bars.

Though he was not sentenced to jail, the actor did not walk away without a proper punishment: he was sentenced to 5 years of formal probation, the same media outlet says.

The charges of domestic abuse stem from a November 2011 incident, when Dourdan lashed out at his then-girlfriend and punched her in the face, breaking her nose.

“Dourdan was also ordered to complete 52 weeks of domestic violence counseling and is not allowed to have contact with his ex, Nicole Vail Cannizzaro, while on probation,” E! reports.

“The embattled actor, who has had his share of issues with drugs, must also complete substance abuse counseling as directed by the probation department,” the same media outlet says.

Back in April, when word of the attack on his girlfriend started getting out in the press, the actor, who also has a track record to prove his flammable temper, said for the same celebrity publication that all the allegations made against him had been made up.

He did not, however, provide an explanation for the girlfriend’s broken nose.

“I have been waiting a long time and I haven't had a voice. It has been rough, but [the public needs to get] all the right stuff. I did not do this,” he said.

As we also reported earlier this month, Dourdan is heavily in debt and, according to court documents, almost dirt poor. He’s hopeful though that he will be getting his acting career back on track to be able to cover those debts.

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