Garry McKinnon’s Mother Says the Hacker Should Not Be Prosecuted in the UK

The CPS has refused to prosecute him before, citing lack of evidence

Janis Sharp, the mother of the now infamous NASA hacker Garry McKinnon, says it would be “a spectacular turnaround” if the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) would decide to prosecute her son in the United Kingdom.

Yesterday we learned that the CPS and the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) would decide in November whether legal proceedings would be issued against McKinnon.

According to The Inquirer, Sharp emphasized the fact that, for the past 10 years, the CPS has refused to prosecute her son, claiming they didn’t have enough evidence against him. It would be a “spectacular turnaround” if they decided that they could prosecute him after all.

“They could have prosecuted Gary in 2002 and saved our family 10-plus years of absolute misery, which has destroyed Gary's life and caused his mental health to deteriorate further, and has all but ruined [his family's] lives too,” Sharp said.

This comes after the UK Home Secretary Theresa May blocked the hacker’s extradition to the United States because of his medical condition.

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