Garrett Hedlund Confirms He’s Back for “TRON: Legacy” Sequel

Disney is working on third film in the series, release date still unknown

“TRON: Legacy” was almost 3 decades in the making after the first “TRON” movie came out, so it’s perhaps a bit far-fetched to expect Disney to rush things with the threequel. The good news is that Garrett Hedlund is officially on board.

The second film did not exactly fare as expected at the box office, which could probably explain why Disney is taking so long with the third film.

Nonetheless, Hedlund says, the film is still happening – with him on board no less.

“Yeah. Are we gonna break this now?” Hedlund said when asked about “TRON 3,” as reported by AceShowbiz.

“Disney's very excited. That's about that. You know, yeah, I'm very excited, Disney's very excited,” he added.

In “TRON: Legacy,” Hedlund played Sam Flynn, son of Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) from the first film. Some time ago, rumor had it that a sequel to it would arrive in 2014 but that date seems somewhat unlikely now.

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