Garment Salesman Arrested for Brooklyn Series of Shopkeeper Shootings

Police find a duffel bag containing a .22-caliber sawed-off rifle and several knives

Police have a suspect in custody for the "John Doe Duffel Bag" murders, in which 3 merchants were shot in Brooklyn, NYC, prompting a serial killer alert.

Garment salesman Salvatore Perrone, 63, was arrested on Wednesday, November 21, in relation to the crimes, Examiner writes.

According to Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, Officers recovered the .22-caliber used in the crimes in the possession of the Staten Island resident. The firearm was placed in a duffel bag, and was subjected to ballistic tests.

Said tests matched it to the murder weapon. A print found on the gun also ties Perrone to the crimes. He carried around ammunition in the famed duffel bag, apart from the weapon.

The bag was noticed on security footage at the crime scene, as we mentioned on November 20. CCTV caught a tall, balding man with a mustache. He was spotted near two locations where murders took place, carrying the same bag.

Salvatore Perrone was turned in after police released the crime scene surveillance footage. Heavy describes that he sold clothes out of the same duffel bag where he kept the .22 caliber sawed-off rifle.

A flashlight was taped to the gun, and his bag also contained knives, of which one had blood on it, and pantyhose stockings. It was stored in his girlfriends' Midwood, Brooklyn apartment.

"NYPD homicide detectives today arrested Salvatore E. Perrone of Staten Island in the shooting deaths of three Brooklyn merchants after he made statements implicating himself, and after the .22-caliber rifle he used in the slayings was recovered from his duffel bag and subjected to ballistic tests.

"Those tests indicated that shell casings found at all three crime scenes were fired from Perrone's rifle. Perrone's fingerprint also was lifted from the murder weapon," Commissioner Kelly's press statement reads.

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