Gaping Security Hole in NVIDIA Driver to Be Fixed This Weekend

The security shortcoming discovered last week will be patched

Security risks are something that no one loves, which is why the ripple that went through the world last week was so great.

For those unaware, a hacker discovered a big security hole in NVIDIA's display driver.

The exploit allows local or remote users to gain administrator privileges in Windows.

An NVIDIA spokesperson has now promised a fix, in a statement sent to SecurityWeek. A driver update should be posted this weekend (January 5-6, 2013).

Owners of NVIDIA graphics cards should check with over the next few days to see if the software package is available.

"NVIDIA takes security seriously and our plan is to post a driver update this weekend," NVIDIA said.

"In the interim, to maintain a secure environment, we recommend use of firewalls or disabling Windows file sharing services, in addition to maintaining up-to-date anti-virus software, applying vendor supplied patches, and not running software from untrusted sources."

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