Gangster Dogs Chilling in a Car Are Too Cool for YouTube

Four bulldogs sit in a car, looking like they're not impressed

Dogs chill in a car and simply look hip, in this clip posted by British newspaper the Sun. The video was shot in an Aldi car park in Dinnington, South Yorks, in the UK.

Four bulldogs, most likely waiting for the owner of the car, just sit and stare, instead of fooling around or barking. They glimpse at the camera looking like they want everyone to know they aren't impressed, as if they are already stars.

The pooches aren't actually listening to Snoop Dogg, editor Matt Quinton clarifies. The background music was added to basically enhance their coolness.

The dogs, dubbed reminiscent of the characters in Boyz In The Hood, are compared to hard-nosed gangsters, as they relax while keeping completely quiet.

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