Gangsta Rapper Rick Ross Cancels Concerts After Death Threats from Real Gangsters

Gangster Disciples take offense at Rick Ross’ music, make no secret about it

Like many other rappers out there (but this isn’t limited to just this musical genre), Rick Ross is selling an image. Many of his “gangster” credentials are mere exaggerations but, as it turns out, Gangster Disciples are calling him on it.

The real street gang has been posting videos of YouTube warning Rick Ross that he’s been using their gang sign and, as if that wasn’t enough, boasting of connections within the gang he never had and dissing one of their members.

One such video is here, but *please be advised that discretion is heavily recommended because of graphic, offensive language.

Following GD’s warnings, Rick Ross has canceled two shows in Greensboro and Charlotte. His team is saying that refunds will be made, but is keeping completely mum on the possibility of the rapper ever performing at these two locations.

However, one hip-hop journalist and Durham minister sees in this the makings of a future tragedy.

“I think fans should be concerned. I think the parents should be concerned because you never know. No one took the Tupac-Notorious BIG beef seriously until they were both dead,” Paul Scott says, as cited by the Charlotte Observer.

Even though death threats are never a laughing matter, many commenters online are pointing to the irony of seeing a (fake) gangster / rapper being called on his bluff by real gangsters, of having the very culture he claims to be representing disown him publicly.

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