Gammatech Convertible Notebook Is Rugged and Grey

Called U12Ci, it measures 12.1 inches in diagonal and should already be up for sale

Gammatech launched quite a few rugged mobile PCs in the past, so it isn't so strange to see it introducing a new one. This time around, we are looking at a convertible notebook/tablet.

The name of Gammatech's new product is U12Ci and, if nothing else, at least shows what size the laptop's screen is.

Of course, the item will be a laptop only half of the time. The rest of it, it will behave like a tablet, albeit a particularly bulky one.

The specifications aren't really that shocking. The Intel Pentium dual-core CPU can be a bit of a surprise, since it isn't exactly very powerful, but that is an easily remedied issue, as there are other chip options.

Most notably, customers, be they businessmen, factory workers or others from the industrial sectors, can order Intel Celeron 867 dual-core or Core i5 CPUs.

Regardless of the CPU, two DDR3 memory slots will welcome 2 to 8 GB (maybe even 16 GB) of random access memory (DDR3, obviously).

Moving on, Gammatech's U12Ci boasts a 12-inch TFT LCD with a resistive touchscreen, plus a 2.5-inch HDD/SSD (or an mSATA drive if buyers really want it).

As for everything else, the company stuck to the norm: IUSB 3.0 support (one port), a 1.3-megapixel camera, WLAN wireless support, Wi-Fi compatibility and Bluetooth.

There is even a swappable I/O module that includes WWAN, GPS, a rear camera, a smart card reader and an RS-232 port.

"Our Durabook U12Ci rugged tablet starts at under $1,000 and is ready to ship, which makes it a perfect last-minute 2012 company IT purchase," stated Jen Chen, GammaTech president.

"Any company that keeps a close eye on its budget will appreciate the access this value-oriented unit provides to the latest technology while offering Ultrabook features, such as long battery life and Intel Smart Response Technology. All of that in addition to Military Standard 810G for shock, drop, spill, and dust resistance."

Sales of the Gammatech U12Ci should already be underway through authorized resellers. The starting price is of $999 / 999 Euro.

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