Games for Windows Live Offline Issues Acknowledged by Microsoft

Players aren't able to log into their accounts or play their games

Microsoft has released a statement saying that it's aware of the ongoing Games for Windows Live issues that are preventing users from logging into their accounts and actually playing the games they own on the PC platform.

[admark=1]Games for Windows Live is Microsoft's attempt at bringing its Xbox Live online service onto the PC platform, but its execution wasn't the most successful, as the whole program is quite clunky, filled with errors, and can always keep users from playing games that have support for it.

Now, it seems that a new range of issues is affecting Games for Windows Live users and Microsoft has posted an acknowledgement on its support forums.

"Some of our users are experiencing an issue connecting, in game, to games that they have previously had no issues with. We are aware of this issue and are looking into what is causing it and for a resolution," a Microsoft representative said.

According to him, users are no longer able to connect to their accounts and when trying to view their game keys in the Games for Windows Marketplace, they encounter a message saying that "An unknown error has occurred."

Some progress has been registered towards solving the issue, as Game Activation Keys and Live Access Codes can now be viewed from the marketplace, but the connection issues continue to persist.

Microsoft offers a workaround that apparently worked in some cases, so check out its instructions below.

"Some users are reporting success by running the following four commands in an admininstrator command prompt (right click on the command propt and select run as administrator)

- bitsadmin /reset

- ipconfig /flushdns

- netsh int ip reset

- netsh winsock reset

- then restarting their computers, starting their game up and selecting "Sign-in with another account" and re-entering their log-in information."

As of yet, it's unclear just when the issue will be complete eliminated.

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