Gamers Strike Back! Cooper Lawrence Punched Hard After Mass Effect Comments

Revenge-seeking gamers started posting negative ratings on Amazon

EA has already acted against Fox News' latest controversial material regarding Mass Effect, but the gamers seem to have the situation in their own hands and strike back against Cooper Lawrence (the psychologist who took part in the biased strike on the game). This way she would probably understand how it feels like to talk trash about things you have never tried.

One of her books listed on Amazon, "The Cult of Perfection: Making Peace with Your Inner Overachiever" has over 30 one star ratings and bad comments coming, more likely, from the upset gamers (many of these comments are dated after the Mass Effect madness happened). Most of the comments are extremely funny, having in mind that they come from people who never touched the book - the same thing that happened with those people who said those things about Mass Effect. How does it feel now, Mrs. Cooper?

Of course this is not a way of solving a problem and it will probably make the psychologist hate video games and Mass Effect even more, but if you watched the Fox News Channel's material and got the feeling that you are ready to loose your mind, these acts from the gaming community will bring a few smiles on you face. Check them quickly here, though, since it seems that Amazon started to delete the negative comments.

And if you are too lazy to read them, here are a few examples:

"How about this author actually go to school and learn something like "fact checking" and "citing references?"

This author is a hack. Your inner overachiever doesn't want you to buy this book. " - J. R. Peppo

"This book seems to be written as if the author has done absolutely no research.

It also panders to the reader's ego rather than give a fair and balanced analysis of the overachiever personality." - C. Xiao

"Mass Effect has turned me into a sex crazed zombie. I just wish I had never played with that damnable devil-machine. I can't sleep or eat anymore... I'm up all night, craving digital sideboob. This book features no sideboob." - Andrew Wrigh

"I picked up this book expecting a well researched piece on how to look like a provocative and independent woman. I mean look at that cover! She just screams "man of the relationship". But when I started reading I didn't get any info on good ladies biker bars to go to, or how to be a good woman golfer. Oh and don't forget good short haircuts. This is false advertising in its lowest form.

PS: There is one good thing that came from purchasing this piece of #@$@. I hang it on my ceiling above my bed and please myself." - Elle Cooper

Yes, and there are more. Hopefully, Mrs. (or Miss, 'cuz I've done no research?) Lawrence will answer any of these comments. Or bash Mass Effect again. Who knows? And, more important: is this really the right thing to do?

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