Gameloft Finally Fixes Ice Age Village Startup Crash on iOS Devices

Players can now enjoy the changes included in the previous update

It’s been almost three weeks since Gameloft updated its Ice Age Village game for Android and iOS devices with new content and improvements.

However, the iOS version was plagued by a nasty bug that did not allow the game to load. Basically, the update made the iOS game unplayable.

Fortunately, Gameloft found a solution to this bug, though it took the French company almost three weeks to address this critical bug.

According to developers, the latest update for the iOS version of Ice Age Village fixes the issue that caused the game to crash for players during the initial loading screen.

This means that Ice Age Village players will now be able to enjoy the changes included in the initial update:

- 5 new animals to liven up your village: The Tapir, Badger, Black Panther, Bat and Dire Wolf;

- New Items: Warm your heart with the Love Nest and Nursery;

- Max level has been raised even higher, with fun new quests for players at level 60 and up.

Gameloft promised Ice Age Village would receive frequent updates, which will add new content. All these updates are available for free and don’t require any in-app purchases.

Even though the latest update was a real setback for iOS users, Ice Age Village remains on the most popular iOS game launched by Gameloft.

It’s unclear why it took developers almost three weeks to address the critical issue affecting the iOS version of the game. All in all, those who already capped their characters will be able to level up once again thanks to the new level cap increase.

Ice Age Village 1.1.3 is now available as a free download via App Store and it should be fully compatible with all devices powered by iOS 4.0 and up. Check it out here.

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