“Game of Thrones” Season 3 Episode 1 Spot: Dragons Are Getting Big

Preview shows Daenerys and her dragons, explains why she needs an army

Popular HBO series “Game of Thrones” returns on TV this Sunday, March 31, when episode 1 of season 3 premieres. Above is a brand new TV spot meant to get you even more excited about it.

Season 2 saw Daenerys become the mother of dragons, dragons which she aims to use to claim her rightful throne from the Lannisters.

However, as the video above makes it clear, while they’re growing fast, they’re not growing fast enough for her. Hence, the need to build an army.

The first episode has already screened and, suffice it to say, it’s getting good reviews. Don’t worry, I won’t be spoiling it for you.

At one of the screening parties, George R.R. Martin, who wrote the “Song of Ice and Fire” books on which the show is based, explained that he was aware he should write faster – and promised he was doing his best to bring fans the final 2 books in the series as quickly as possible.

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