Game of Thrones Decisions Will Have Long-Term Impact, Says Developer

The social game is designed to offer a varied experience

Jon Radoff, the founder and current chief executive officer of Disruptor Beam, says that players should pay attention to the choices that they make in Game of Thrones Ascent, especially those linked to alignment, because they will impact their experience in the near future.

Speaking to Joystiq the developer says, “Since we've designed Game of Thrones Ascent to be an evolving, living world, we'll be continuing to expand the content of quests and adventures. We see the basic storyline, which is mostly set in the time period of the first season (and first book), as the foundation for everything that's to come.”

He adds, “There are a number of story-points where the choice you make will open or close certain branches of content. You'll also encounter quests and dialogues that only appear depending on the alignment choices you've focused on in the past.”

Radoff also makes it clear that the big battles, those that affect the entire Westeros and allow players to bring in friends, are designed to be the same for everyone and act as goal posts in the story.

Radoff also suggests that, starting later in March, more content will be added to Game of Thrones Ascent, allowing players to see how some of their previous choices play out.

The Disruptor Beam team is at the moment focusing on improving performance for the social game and on squashing any bugs that the player base notices.

30 servers have been recently added to the game, and more scaling tech is also used to handle the player load.

Game of Thrones Ascent is in many ways a typical Facebook game, built upon limited actions and timed adventures.

However, the title also managed to capture the main themes and the style of the A Song of Ice and Fire series from R.R. Martin.

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