Galaxy Tab 3, Galaxy Note 10 (2014) Drove Samsung’s Tablet Sales in Q4 2013

Samsung announced encouraging results for its tablet division

During today’s earnings report, Samsung made public its sales figures for the last quarter of 2013. Apparently the company reported a total revenue of $54.95 / €40 billion, from which only $7.7 / €5.6 billion was operating profit.

Overall, the figures amount to an 18% decreased compared to the previous quarter. Sammy seems to have had a better Q4 in 2012, when it reported revenue of $8.18 / €5.85 billion.

But don’t let these figures fool you, overall Sammy has had a great year with revenues increasing with 14% and net profit with 27% compared to 2012.

Samsung made a point of highlighting the fact that its mobile division brought in half of the revenue. Furthermore, Sammy added that strong tablet sales contributed to the overall growth, with the Galaxy Tab 3 and Galaxy 10.1 (2014 Edition) being customers’ favorites.

Samsung even managed to come up for an explanation for the "sight" earnings fall during this period, by blaming "seasonal expenditures and a one-off expense," a sensible rationalization.

The Korean giant is expecting to see tablet sales grow even more in Q1 2014, hopes fueled by the fact the company just launched five new tablet models.

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