Galaxy S5 Allegedly Spotted in UAProf as Samsung SM-G900A

The mobile phone could arrive on shelves with a 1080p screen

Samsung is clearly nearing the release of a new flagship in the Galaxy S series, supposedly called Galaxy S5, and some more info on the yet unannounced phone is now available.

Following a wide range of rumors regarding the handset’s features and specs, a User Agent Profile that was spotted on Samsung’s website appears to confirm that it will hit shelves as Samsung SM-G900A.

Clearly, no confirmation on the matter is available as of now, and we should take this info with a grain of salt.

However, as SamMobile notes, chances are that this will prove to be only a version of the high-end smartphone, given that Samsung is said to plan the release of at least two different Galaxy S5 models.

The aforementioned UAProf unveils that Samsung SM-G900A will arrive on the market with a 1080p touchscreen display, and not with the 2k panel that Samsung has been rumored to plan on attaching to it.

This could suggest that the company will launch a cheaper version of the handset with a lower-resolution screen. Most probably, this will be the plastic variant of the phone, as opposed to the more expensive flavor, which should sport a metal case.

On the other hand, there’s also the possibility that this is a completely different smartphone from phone maker, one that would have nothing to do with the Galaxy S5.

Samsung has yet to confirm any of the above or to provide specific info on the unveiling day for the phone.

Some of the previous rumors suggested that the device might become official at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month, but new reports claim that it should be announced at a separate event, sometime in March.

Hopefully, the South Korean handset vendor will offer some more details on the matter in the near future, so stay tuned for additional info on the Galaxy S5.

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