Galaxy S III to Sport a 4.6’’ Super AMOLED Plus HD Screen

The smartphone might be a bit smaller than originally believed

Galaxy S III, the upcoming flagship smartphone from South Korean handset vendor Samsung, is expected to arrive on shelves sometime in the second or the third quarter of the year with cutting-edge technology packed inside.

The smartphone has been long rumored to be en-route to the market as the next flagship Android model from Samsung, and some more info on it has made it online today.

The mobile phone is now to be released with a 4.6-inch Super AMOLED Plus HD touchscreen display with a 319 ppi pixel density.

Previously, the device was said to be featuring a larger screen, somewhere in the 4.7-4.8 range, but it seems that it might be a bit smaller than that.

A recent article on DigiTimes notes that sources from the supply chain claim that Samsung might adopt the said 4.6-inch panel for the upcoming flagship device, although it has already launched two larger devices, namely Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Note.

Compared to the previous flagship model from the company, the increase is impressive. The older device features a 4.3-inch display that can deliver a 480 x 800 pixels resolution. The new smartphone will also feature a screen with true RGB matrix.

However, this is only one of the features that will put Galaxy S III above its predecessor. The handset was also rumored to be on its way to the market with a quad-core application processor inside, which should deliver far better performance than the Galaxy S II’s dual-core chip.

Moreover, the smartphone is rumored to arrive on shelves with an 8 or 12-megapixel photo snapper on the back, over the 5MP camera included in the predecessor. It will also sport 4G/3G connectivity, WiFi, Bluetooth and the like.

For the time being, no specific info on when the smartphone might be made official has emerged. However, a Samsung official confirmed a few weeks ago that the phone could be launched in April.

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