Galaxy Note II Gets Multi-Window Feature for All Apps

A new mod available for the device offers support for more apps than before

One of the appealing features that Samsung’s Galaxy Note II smartphone arrived on shelves with was support for a multi-window feature for a series of applications, so that users could have more than a single software running on the screen at one time.

However, the feature has been limited to only a small number of applications, which left users without the option to run any app they would like in a split screen mode.

Courtesy of a new mod available for the large 5.5-inch smartphone, the feature was expanded to make any application compatible with the multi-window capability.

The mod comes from XDA-Developer forum Senior Member goddamnit, and was designed to provide users with the option to bring any app to the multi-window interface.

At the same time, the mod allows people to add as many apps as they want to the interface, as detailed in this forum thread.

Those who would like to take advantage of what this mod has to offer to them should know that they need to flash it in recovery.

Moreover, it should also be noted that the mod is still in its infancy, which means that there might be a series of issues with it.

Users interested in installing it on their Galaxy Note II should first check the specific ROM version loaded on their devices, then download and install the mod flavor designed for it.

At the moment, the software offers support for LJ1, LJ3, and LJ7 ROMs. Apparently, issues might emerge based on whether the ROM is odexed or deodexed.

The developer behind this mod also notes that he is constantly looking into the software to find bugs and resolve them but, as mentioned above, things might not work as well as expected right from the start. Make sure you read the necessary instructions available on XDA-Developers before proceeding with the download and the installation.

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