Galaxy Nexus Tastes Adobe Flash Player 11.1 in December

Adobe confirms once again the upcoming availability of the software

When made available for purchase, the Galaxy Nexus featured no Adobe Flash Player, which proved to be a deal breaker for many users, but it seems that things will turn out for the better soon.

As soon as next month, Adobe will provide an update for its Flash Player to offer support for Samsung’s new Galaxy Nexus handset, the company has just confirmed via a new post on its blog.

Previously, the company said that it planned on making the Flash Player available for the new Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich platform before the end of the ongoing year, and now they specifically note that Galaxy Nexus will receive it.

Moreover, Adobe is working on making AIR 3.1 available for the handset as well, since it will arrive on shelves without support for it.

“We’ve received some questions regarding support for Adobe Flash Player 11.1 and AIR 3.1 on the Galaxy Nexus. To be clear, the Galaxy Nexus does not initially support Adobe Flash Player 11.1 and AIR 3.1,” Adobe says.

“As we previously communicated in a blog post, devices and software updates from our partners which introduce new technologies are being developed on varied schedules that are different from our own, which means that the Adobe runtimes may not always be optimized or supported on devices until a subsequent release.”

Just as mentioned above, the company also confirmed plans on to make the technology available for the new Google phone as well.

“We will provide a minor update to the runtimes to support the Galaxy Nexus in December,” Adobe stated.

There you have it. If the fact that Galaxy Nexus did not arrive on shelves with Flash on board seemed like a major drawback, you might want to reconsider. After all, things will change pretty soon, and the Android 4.0 handset will regain its high appeal.

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