Galaxy Gear Samsung Smartwatch Coming on September 4

We should get a chance to look at it during IFA 2013, in Berlin

Smartwatches are few and far between, but this will change as soon as companies like Pebble and Samsung make their move.

In fact, the last time when we heard rumors about the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch was last week.

Now, those rumors have been confirmed by the Korea Times, to whom Samsung executive VP of mobile devices said that the IFA 2013 event in Berlin, Germany is where the unveiling will happen.

He didn't use those exact words, but giving the public the first look at its “wearable concept device” was a clear giveaway.

It could only be a proof of concept though, which means that sales will be a long time coming yet. Not surprising, since launching a whole new product category has its risks.

There's also that little tidbit about Samsung being no stranger to the tactic of launching a product but only selling it months later, after determining the level of consumer interest.

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