Galactic Civilizations III Altarian and Drengin Leaders Detailed, Developers Promise More Lore

Gamers will be able to explore a new state of the galaxy

The developers at Stardock currently working on Galactic Civilizations III are ready to deliver more information on the leaders that gamers will be able to play as in the strategy title, just as they are launching the official alpha stage for the title.

Lord Kona of the Drengin is described as one of the most powerful tyrant in the universe of the game, capable of creating complex long-term plans to take down the enemies of his empire, preferably using as much violence as possible.

The team explains that he "stands at the height of his power as the Drengin reign co-supreme over the galaxy in the wake of the Drengin/Yor surprise assault that broke the backs of the Grand Coalition at the end of the Dread Lords war. Having accomplished nearly everything that he set out to, Kona is as close to ‘happy’ as Drengin get.”

Apparently, the taste of victory and age have dulled Kona somewhat and Starodock says that he believes himself the most witty person in every room, which tends to create some embarrassing situations when the audience tries to laugh at his jokes.

It seems that in Galactic Civilizations III, gamers will have to worry about the state of the alliance with the cybernetic Yor while developing the infrastructure and fleets needed to take them out.

The second leader that the company is talking about is Akari Malara of the Altarians, who is currently leading a new version of the ancient republic.

Under the combined Drengin and Yor assault, the fleets of the race were destroyed and as Altaria herself was under threat, desperate diplomacy failed to stop their advance.

Stardock states that Akari Malara “issued an ultimatum from every speaker and comlink on both planets: The Drengin would withdraw from Altaria at once, or the Precursor doomsday weapon she had just obliterated that flotilla with would be a fond memory as she lit the galaxy on fire with the rest of her arsenal.”

With the enemies stopped, the new Altarian leader is remaking the society she now leads in order to get in contact with their Precursor ancestors while trying to establish a new alliance that can take out the Drengin and the Yor.

Galactic Civilizations III is set to be launched on the PC before the end of this year and more info on the core mechanics of the title will be offered later in the development cycle.

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