GTK+ 3.9.8 Brings Major Changes in Preparation for GTK+ 4

The GTK+ 4 toolkit will be released later this year

The GNOME Project announced two days ago, July 10, that the GTK+ 3.9.8 unstable release is available for download and testing, bringing major code changes in preparation of the GTK+ 4 toolkit, which will bring animations, effects, transformations, and event bubbling.

Starting with GTK+ 3.9.8, the GtkStock APIs will be removed from the source code of the project. However, they will continue to work until GTK+ 4 is officially released. At the moment, the following APIs have been already deprecated in this release: GtkIconFactory, GtkIconSource, GtkIconSet, GtkImageMenuItem, GtkUIManager, and GtkAction.

Moreover, as discussed at the recent GTK+ hackfest, the GtkSettings cleanup is now in place and a number of settings have already been removed from GTK+ 3.9.8, like gtk-button-images, gtk-show-unicode-menu, gtk-show-input-method-menu, gtk-enable-mnemonics, gtk-auto-mnemonics, gtk-color-palette, gtk-can-change-accels, cursor blink settings.

The list of deprecated and ignored GtkSettings settings continues with gtk-fallback-icon-theme, gtk-scrolled-window-placement, menu popup delay settings, gtk-menu-bar-accel, keynav tweaks, gtk-touchscreen-mode, gtk-icon-sizes, im style tweaks, gtk-file-chooser-backend, gtk-enable-tooltips, gtk-visible-focus, tooltip timeout tweaks, and toolbar style tweaks.

GTK+ 3.9.8 also adds support for scaled output on high-dpi screens, which can be compiled using Cairo 1.12 (needs a Cairo branch to work). Support for this has been added to the Wayland, Windows and Mac OS X backends.

Last but not least, lots of bugs have been squashed in this unstable release of the GTK+ toolkit, 22 to be more exact, including a port to the new private API and macros, shaped GDK windows fixes, download folder issues, file chooser regressions, and improved GtkTextView API and GtkListBox documentation.

The Tajik and Vietnamese translations have been updated. For more details about this development release of the GTK+ toolkit, please read the official raw changelog.

Download GTK+ 3.9.8 right now from Softpedia. Remember that this is a development version and it should NOT be installed on production machines. It is intended for testing purposes only.

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