GTA V’s Side Activities, Economy and Friends Get Rockstar Details

The game will include no romance options and no body modifications

Grand Theft Auto V might be more than six months away from launch, but the development team at Rockstar says that it will enhance the side activities system of the game significantly, making it more interesting for players to spend hours in the game world away from the core quests.

The biggest inspiration has been the poker game integrated in Red Dead Redemption and Rockstar wants to make more such complicated games available, along with specific hobbies for each of the three main characters that would tie in with their specific set of skills and traits.

Side activities will not include binge eating and fitness centers that can modify body weight because the use of High Definition graphics makes it hard to control in the game, according to CVG.

The entertainment options available to the player will include more cartoons to watch and other media that the team at Rockstar is not yet ready to talk about.

Activities will include: running a triathlon, base jumping, playing tennis, a full golf course, yoga and jet skiing.

Each of the main characters will have a best friend, Lamar, Jimmy and Ron, and GTA V will also include a wife for one of the protagonists to relate with.

But it seems that Rockstar has no plans to introduce any sort of romances in the new game, which will surely be a disappointment to some gamers.

Some characters from previous games will make cameo appearances and both CJ and Tommy are seen as mythical characters who no one has ever met or interacted with.

Rockstar is also planning to change the core elements of the economic system in GTA V and will be tied into a dynamic mission system that’s similar to that seen in Red Dead Redemption.

GTA V is set to arrive before the end of spring 2013 on the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 and gamers can already pre-order the game.

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