GTA: San Andreas system requirements

And the site's release

A little more than a month remains before gamers will be able to play GTA: San Andreas on the PC and Rockstar is already preparations for the launching.

The game already has a presentation on the Rockstar site , where fans can also find some screenshots and a trailer.

But Rockstar has posted a much more important piece of information: the computer requirements for GTA: San Andreas.

The operating system has to be Windows 2000 or Windows XP with DirectX 9.0 installed.

If you want be able to run GTA: San Andreas, the game has to find on your PC the following: 1 GHz CPU, 256 MB of RAM, graphics card with 64 MB RAM and 3.6 GB of free space on the hard disk. These are the minimum requirements.

For a smooth gaming experience, Rockstar recommends a Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon XP, 384 MB RAM and a 128 MB graphics card. An Audigy2 soundblaster and a gamepad are also recommended.

The full version of the game will require 4.7 GB of free space.

Considering the PC version of the game will come on a DVD, the PC must also have a DVD-ROM device, 16x being the recommended speed.

If your system lacks one of the above, you have until June 10 to buy the components.

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