GTA 5 Update 1.10 Gets Full Changelog with Big List of Fixes

A wide array of improvements is included in the latest patch

After launching the Grand Theft Auto 5 patch 1.10 earlier today, February 14, developer Rockstar Games has now shared a full and rather impressive changelog with the things included in the update.

GTA 5 has received a lot of different updates since its release, mostly targeting the issues encountered by those who entered the GTA Online multiplayer mode, as the experience was plagued by plenty of bugs.

Now, the studio has revealed yet another update, in the form of the 1.10 one, which is already available for download on the PS3 and Xbox 360 platforms.

Besides adding a Valentine's Day event as well as quite a few new items and other things, a lot of bug fixes are also included, so check out some of the most important below, while the full changelog can be admired on the Rockstar Support page.

Top Changes

- The Rat Loader is now available again in GTA Online. Please see for your vehicular needs. This vehicle and all of its mods are free until the following Title Update.

- A player who kills a passive player must now pay their hospital bills

- The Mechanic has now been removed when delivering a Personal Vehicle. The vehicle is now created nearby instead.

- Added a new option to the Interaction Menu that lowers the attack priority against Friends.

- Solo players in Races now earn GTA$.

- Fix for incorrect time display on the Bad Sport pool timer

- Fix for several exploits that allowed duplication of vehicles

- Fix for several exploits that allowed too much RP during missions

- Fix for issues with Cornrows haircut

- Fix for issue causing characters to become bald after using a mask

- Fix for Story Mode issue where all shops could remain closed with their blips missing

- A new “Blow Kiss” Celebration has been added. Show some love.

- Various bug fixes

Full Change List

- The Rat Loader is available in Online once again. Please see for your vehicular needs. Please note that for the duration of the Valentines Pack this vehicle and all mods for it will be free.

- Small changes have been made to Passive Mode in order to balance it. If another player kills you while you are in Passive Mode, they pay your hospital bills. If you kill another player while you are in passive mode, you pay their hospital bills.

- A new weapon has been added to Ammunation: Gusenberg Sweeper.

- A new vehicle has been added to Albany Roosevelt.

- A number of new items have been added to Clothes Stores

- New masks have been added to Vespucci Movie Masks.

- A new hairstyle with a range of colours has been added for Female characters.

- Ten new Online Jobs have been added.

- Corrected an issue where a player could become stuck when entering a Garage for the first time.

- Fixed an issue where rank was displayed incorrectly in the Friends section of the Leaderboard.

- Fixed an issue where lower-level players had access to vehicles from Pegasus they should not have had.

- Players who have received their shared cash limit for the day will now be greyed out in the Share list.

- A Next Job Voting Screen has been added after Random Event Missions.

- Fixed an issue where players were able to gain access to Michael’s house in Online.

- Fixed an issue where players could earn too much RP per Job in some situations.

- Bad Sport timers now show the correct time left to players in the Bad Sport pool.

- The Give Cash option has been removed from the Interaction menu.

- An option has been added to the Inventory menu to allow players to auto-equip purchased body armour.

- The House icon on the minimap in Capture mode now flashes when holding a package and the icon on the floor is permanent through the match.

- Fixed an issue where a player could become invisible and unblipped by jumping onto truck as it entered a modshop.

- Fixed an issue where players were not earning JP for finishing second or below in some Jobs.

- Players no longer receive any reimbursement for resprays from the Import / Export awards.

- New animations have been added for when a player chooses to Shoplift.

- Added an acknowledgement window to prevent accidental deletion of characters.

- Resolved an issue where players could fall through the world after dying for the first time and seeing the Kifflom cutscene.

- Fixed an issue where players were able to teleport around the map by using Playlists.

- Functionality has been added to the game in order to allow easier recovery of vehicles form the Impound yard.

- Players can no longer call for Ammo Drops while weapon-locked.

- Fixed multiple issues where players were able to duplicate vehicles.

- Corrected an exploit where players were able to exploit discounted vehicles for gain.

- Fixed an exploit where players without special edition DLC could access certain restricted vehicles.

- Corrected an issue where players could receive multiple RP bonuses for liked content.

- Fixed an issue where players could receive the incorrect value of RP for having their UGC Job liked whilst on another job.

- Fixed an issue where players could occasionally receive incorrect RP for playing UGC content with others.

- Corrected an issue where players could lose mods when purchasing Shark Cards whilst in LS Customs.

- Fixed an issue where some vehicles were being sold for a lower price than normal in LS Customs.

- Fixed an issue where ramps in UGC Races were not allowing players to progress over them. This primarily affects motorcycles and bicycles progressing over the “Large Ramp”.

- Packages now have height indicators to indicate whether they are above or below a player.

- Cornrows now clear normally after haircuts. If you have cornrows stuck on your character, please choose any new haircut at a nearby barber shop.

- Added functionality to allow passengers into a Personal Vehicle, but only the owner into the driver’s seat.

- Players can now quit the Leaderboard whilst awaiting 50% of Racers to finish.

The new patch for GTA 5 is already live on PS3 and Xbox 360.

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