GStreamer 1.0.4 Fixes Various Memory Leaks

The developers have implemented a lot of fixes and updates

GStreamer, a development framework for creating applications such as media players, video editors, and so on, has finally reached version 1.0.4.

The GStreamer project has announced that a new API and ABI-stable 1.x series, which makes up the GStreamer multimedia framework, has been released.

Gstreamer 1.0.4 is the fourth bugfix release and covers all the applications that make up the framework.

Unfortunately, GStreamer 1.0.4 is not API- or ABI-compatible with the 0.10.x series, and the two versions can't be installed in parallel.

Highlights of GStreamer 1.0.4:

• Some potential leaks when re-activating in a different mode have been fixed;

• All pad probe types are now working with bindings;

• The gst_event_parse_stream_start() annotation has been repaired, fixing crash;

• Several missing annotations for GstRtspMessage API have been added;

• Some occasional not-negotiated errors when switching visualizations have been fixed;

• Invalid UTF-8 is now ignored in SSA/ASS subtitles init sections in matroska files;

• Better timestamp and gap handling function has been implemented at EOS, fixing potential OOM in baseaudiosink;

• The srcpad channel position is now properly set;

• The resizing of the Cocoa window on receiving new caps is now working properly;

• audio/webm formats are now accepted, in addition to the video/webm formats;

• The border filling for planar YUV formats has been fixed;

• The linking to shout2send has been fixed;

• A build on build on FreeBSD has been repaired;

• Sprite warping points are now exported in caps (decoders might have no or only limited GMC support);

• Seeking has been disabled if the configured URL specifies live=true.

A complete list of architectural changes, new features and updates can be found in the official changelog and in the Wim Tayman's GStreamer 1.0 keynote from the GStreamer Conference 2012 in San Diego.

If you find any bugs or problems, just notify the developers by filling a form in bugzilla.

Download Gstreamer 1.0.4 right now from Softpedia.

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