GPU Stage Case and More: Wonderful Accessories for the Brilliant StompIO from IK Multimedia

Guitar Processing Unit – a new level of live performance

IK Multimedia is a name that needs no introduction among those who are at least a tad interested in what recording solutions, live  sound processing, guitar processing and so on are. Products like AmpliTube, Simpletank, RiffWorks, Total Studio or T Racks are to be met almost anywhere around the world, from the living rooms of music enthusiasts and ending in the most sophisticated state-of-the-art professional studios where only the big names in showbiz have access.

One of the recent innovative products emerging from IK Multimedia's labs was the StompIO, a revolutionary way to process the sound of your guitar using the award-winning AmpliTube software.

Now, more than a year after the StompIO was launched, it's time to witness the promised accessory line IK Multimedia bragged about and claimed it would rock the way we were used to play the guitar. Today is the turn of the GPU (short for Guitar Processing Unit) Stage Case to be showcased and start a life of worldwide appreciation.

What's with all the metal housing you'll surely ask. The GPU Stage Case is a piece of unique engineering that's destined to become you and your StompIO's sidekick from now on; this rugged and almost bomb-proof metal box has been created to let you fit a Mac Mini or a Mini PC inside it, so that it will be protected against all the rather harsh treatment most live gear is subjected to during performance and touring.

Tough and ultra-portable, the GPU Stage Case will sit next to your StompIO and together they will replace the mouse and keyboard of a traditional computer. The mini computer to be accommodated inside the GPU will boot directly to the AmpliTube X-Gear, laying almost infinite processing capabilities at your very feet. Priced around $130 (99 EUR), the GPU Stage Case is definitely affordable and well worth your every penny.

As Starr Ackerman kindly informed us, the accessory line for IK Multimedia's StompIO also comprises a new double switch pedal (stompbox), the StompIO gig bag and Tour Rack for the pros who really tour with this gadget.

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