GOG.com Linux Support Officially Confirmed, Coming Fall 2014

This year we will finally have Linux games from the GOG platform

GOG.com, the digital distribution platform that focuses on providing old and new games without any DRM, has just officially announced that it plans to also release Linux titles.

GOG.com has a separate section where the company registers requests from the community. If, for example, a large enough part of the community asks for a particular old game to be brought back to life on GOG.com, the company will make the necessary inroads for that to happen.

The request for Linux support was the biggest request on that particular forum, with over 1,000 messages, all asking pretty much for the same thing. For the first time, GOG.com representatives will no longer have to stay indifferent to the demand and can honestly say that they are working on it.

“We just wanted to announce that, after much deliberation, we've decided that one of the next steps for us is to support Linux. Now, we're not ready to launch Linux games on GOG.com just yet. We've only been working on bringing these Linux games to our service for a few months, and there's lots more to go, but we wanted to let you know what's going to be coming this fall to a digital distributor near you,” reads the announcement on the official website.

It's weird that they took this long to announce Linux support, because a lot of the games that they recently launched already had Linux versions available. They only needed the infrastructure to make the Linux version ready for purchase.

GOG.com has proved that it's not a company that does things halfway and, when they do start implementing a new feature, the developers try to make it count by providing quality products. That is the reason why the new GOG.com support won't actually integrate only games that have a Linux version available, but the company will also bring a few titles that will make their debut on this platform.

So far, the supported platforms will be Ubuntu and Linux Mint. Those two are the most used Linux distributions right now and the GOG.com developers want to make sure that the games are playable by as many users as possible.

The Linux games don't have a specific date set, only the fall of 2014. GOG.com representatives did say that they intended to release the new support plan with over 100 games (old and new) but, until then, they need to learn to speak Linux.

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