GNU/DOS Project Discontinued

GNU/DOS is dead!

The GNU/DOS project has unfortunately been discontinued. The reasons that led to this 'misfortune' were the lack of developer time for the project, the fact that the project's objectives were not fully met and the fact that the latest stable FreeDOS release was combined with the DJGPP development tools, leading to a much superior final release of GNU/DOS. When you think of GNU/DOS, think of the fastest operating system for PC, DOS, combined with the GNU utilities and resulting a very fast, yet useful operating system that could be ran on every kind of PC, either very old or very modern.

GNU/DOS is a continuation of the FreeDOS project and includes a few of its core packages:

■ Several core FreeDOS packages

■ The DJGPP development environment with many GNU programs

■ The Arachne Web browser and e-mail client

■ The OpenGEM graphical user interface with many GEM programs

■ The vim editor for developers

■ The MTXE screen saver

■ GPL, GPL with DJGPP exceptions, vim, Artistic License, Jason Hood License, Paul Vojta License, and LGPL licensed source code for all of the above.

GNU/DOS is a rather light operating system which is very well suited for web browsing and email, for playing classic dos and Unix console games and for development, using the GNU Compiler Collection and more. Because it doesn't have high hardware requirements, it could easily turn your ancient computer into a fully working machine.

At the moment, GNU/DOS is still being used, although very rarely and with no support whatsoever from the author. If you decide to give it a try, use it at your own risk and, even worse, don't expect any support from anyone.

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