GNOME’s Flickr Client Has Support for Uploading Videos

Frogr 0.8 receives numerous improvements and bug fixes!

The developers behind the Frogr app, a Flickr client especially designed for the GNOME 3 desktop environment, announced on December 29 that version 0.8 of Frogr is available for download.

Frogr 0.8 is packed with highly anticipated features, as well as numerous improvements, bug fixes and updated translations.

“During the last weeks, I decided to make the most of some spare time I had while still in “nowhere land” (see my previous post) and so I’ve been working in frogr to see if I could release the 0.8 version before the end of the year.”

“In my mind it looked like kind of a nice and humble Christmas present to the world and, at the same time, a interesting way to spent this time I had between my depart from my previous job and the start of the new one,” Mario Sanchez said in his blog announcement.

Highlights of Frogr 0.8:

· Integration with GNOME 3‘s global menu;

· Video upload support (only those supported by Flickr);

· Added ‘Video’ and ‘All’ filters to the file chooser dialog;

· Ability to save and load projects;

· Added ‘Save’ and ‘Open’ items to the toolbar;

· The elements in the icon view can now be sorted by size;

· Ability to retry broken uploads;

· Better error reports;

· The after-upload operations are now parallelizable, repeatable and cancellable;

· Proper Flickr connection checker;

· Groups, tags and sets are no longer fetched when the client is not connected to Flickr;

· The ‘Actions’ menu is now called ‘Edit’;

· Reimplemented the ‘File’ menu;

· The ‘Load Pictures’ menu is now called ‘Add Pictures’;

· The titlebar is now automatically hidden when the main window is maximized;

· Updated menu item shortcuts and accelerators.

Review image
Frogr 0.8 – Image courtesy of Mario Sanchez

For more details about all the fixes and improvements implemented in Frogr 0.8, please check out the official changelog.

Download Frogr 0.8 right now from Softpedia.

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