GNOME Shell 3.10 Beta 2 Implements New System Status Area

GNOME Shell will have separate binaries for Wayland and X11

The first Beta release of the upcoming GNOME Shell 3.10 has been made available for download a few days ago, a version that brings numerous improvements and fixes lots of bugs.

GNOME Shell 3.10 Beta 2 improves the submenu styling, tweaks the system actions style, adds support for authentication without username, implements new power-off/end-session dialog design, and implements building of separate binaries for Wayland and X11.

This release also fixes accessibility of sliders, as well as changing slider values via keyboard. The Dash tooltips are no longer displayed for applications with open pop-ups, the padding between system status icon has been tweaked, and the calendar's keyboard navigation and accessibility has been improved.

The second Beta release of GNOME Shell 3.10 also supports the new NetworkManager APIs, the system actions section is now hidden in the lock screen, other logged users are no longer displayed at log out, and the "Session" subtitle heading has been removed from the login dialog.

Moreover, the Dash is now able to reload favorites when installed applications change, the Overview mode is no longer opened after closing the last window on workspace, the FocusApp DBus method has been added, a new app picker design has been implemented, the clickable area of page indicators has been extended, and the moving controls when displaying messages have been fixed.

Thanks to Ray, Giovanni, Jasper, and Emmanuele, the following bugs have been squashed in GNOME Shell 3.10 Beta 2: #706542, #706654, #706005, #706681, #706841, #706843, #707064, #706262, #707197, and #707269. Please use the GNOME Bugzilla website to track them down (without #).

Among the updated translations, we can mention Polish, Norwegian Bokmal, Tajik, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Lithuanian, Galician, Spanish, Slovak, Slovenian, Catalan, and Belgian. For more details, please check the official raw changelog.

Download GNOME Shell 3.10 Beta 2 right now from Softpedia. Remember that this is a beta version and it should NOT be installed on production machines. It is intended for testing purposes only.

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