GNOME Settings Daemon 3.8 Beta 1 Brings New Features

It also fixes some annoying bugs and improves various features

The GNOME Projects announced a couple of days ago the first Beta version of the GNOME Settings Daemon 3.8 package for the upcoming GNOME 3.8 desktop environment.

This new development release of the GNOME Settings Daemon package is part of the GNOME 3.8 Beta 1 (a.k.a. version 3.7.90) desktop environment, which should be released in the upcoming days.

Highlights of GNOME Settings Daemon 3.8 Beta 1:

General updates:

• The background plugin has been removed, because it is now handled by GNOME-Shell;

• The iBus and locale envvars are now set on startup;


• Added support for other bindings to the whitelist;

Ally settings:

• GIO is now imported, instead of GDK/GTK+;

• The toolkit accessibility is now enabled by default, even if it’s not needed, in order to support legacy and third-party apps and toolkits;


• The on-screen keyboard is now automatically enabled when using touch;


• Added support to automatically adapt to changes of the gnome-xkb-info API;


• The blanking timeouts now match;

• A notification is not displayed when the computer is about to enter suspend mode from idle;

• The display will now automatically wake up before logging out;

• Added support to automatically adapt to the new GnomeIdleMonitor API;

• The brightness will no longer be modified on inactive sessions;

Remote display:

• The animations will now be automatically disabled on Xvnc;

• The animations are automatically re-enabled if Vino is gone;


• Non-existing folders are no longer polled;


• Fixed a crash related to disabled firmware updates;


• The remember-recent-files GSetting option is now propagated to XSettings;


• Bump request for the GDK_FULLSCREEN_ON_ALL_MONITORS function.

Download GNOME Settings Daemon 3.8 Beta 1 (3.7.90) right now from Softpedia. Remember that this is a development version and it should NOT be installed on production machines. It is intended for testing purposes only.

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