GNOME Settings Daemon 3.10.1 Fixes Memory Leaks

This stable release is part of the GNOME 3.10.1 desktop

The GNOME developers announced a few days ago that the first maintenance release of the stable GNOME Settings Daemon 3.10 package, a daemon run by all GNOME sessions to provide live access to configuration settings and the changes done to them, is available for download.

GNOME Settings Daemon 3.10.1 is distributed as part of the recently released GNOME 3.10.1 desktop environment, and includes several memory leak fixes and small cleanups. Below is a detailed list with all the changes implemented in this stable release of GNOME Settings Daemon:


- The cache directories are no longer scanned if not needed;


- The XKB group switching option is no longer set if not needed;


- A gsettings key is now used for the maximum length of a screencast;


- Edge scrolling is now automatically enabled if two-finger scroll is not available;


- A test case has been added as no warning was provided on startup;

- Notifications are now displayed on critical battery state;

- The "keyboard Backlight is not available" warning has been fixed;

- A mouse will no longer appear as the status icon;


- Added a 'Not Now' button to the distribution upgrade notification;

- Multiple notifications are no longer displayed when updates are available;

- It now requires PackageKit 0.8.1 or higher in order to avoid complexity;


- A couple of crashes have been fixed;

- Default area ordering has been fixed;

- A failure to get area with the cursor device has been fixed;

- Resetting the tablet area to default has been implemented;

- OSD has been fixed;

- Tablet PC setting has been removed as there's no UI (User Interface) for it;


- The temporary configurations generated by the FN+F7 keyboard shortcut or rotate buttons are no longer saved.

More details about this release can be found in the official raw changelog. Download GNOME Settings Daemon 3.10.1 right now from Softpedia.

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