GNOME Launches GNOME 2.12 Desktop

Version 2.12 improves the usability and power

The GNOME Foundation released the latest version of the GNOME Desktop and Developer Platform, the leading desktop for Linux and Unix operating systems. Version 2.12 improves the usability and power of GNOME in response to user feedback and developer contributions, and includes thousands of changes which refine the easiest and friendliest free software desktop.

In keeping with GNOME's "users first" philosophy, GNOME makes stable releases every six months. This allows developers and distributors to plan their GNOME-based products with confidence. As a result, distributions such as Fedora, SUSE, and Ubuntu will include GNOME 2.12 in the next release of their products, providing GNOME 2.12 to millions of users.

Key features of GNOME 2.12 for users: an updated default theme, easier file management, intuitive clipboard behaviour, a unified document viewer, the About Me control panel.

System administrators will also welcome the new Services control panel, and menu editor. Software developers benefit from improvements to the underlying GTK+ toolkit, including integration of the next-generation cairo drawing toolkit from

GNOME 2.12 is available in 43 languages, with many more languages partially supported. Galician, Estonian, Indonesian, Macedonian, Nepali, Slovak, Vietnamese, Thai, and Xhosa are new supported languages in GNOME 2.12.

GNOME 2.12 will soon be available as part of most popular Linux distributions. For those who can't wait, the new GNOME LiveCD is available from

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