GNOME Boxes 3.8 Beta 2 Adds Various Improvements

This is a development release for the GNOME 3.8 Beta 2 desktop

The second Beta release of the upcoming GNOME Boxes 3.8 application that allows users to manage remote or virtual systems on the fantastic GNOME 3 desktop environment, has been released for testing a few days ago.

As we've mentioned, this is the second Beta release of GNOME Boxes 3.8, and also the last. It brings several interesting improvements, as you can see from the list below, as well as bug fixes and updated translations. It is part of the GNOME 3.8 Beta 2 desktop environment.

Highlights of GNOME Boxes 3.8 Beta 2:

• Added drag support to unfullscreen Boxes;

• The spinner has been aligned displayed when restoring and connecting Boxes;

• Long labels are now ellipsized;

• The desktop file is now validated during build;

• Added initial user documentation;

• Smaller windows will now respect the UI requirements;

• The maximum memory will now be displayed correctly in diagnostic logs;

• Saved states can now be ignored if restore fails;

• The current memory size is now correctly displayed in properties;

• Changed the category in the desktop file from 'Network;RemoteAccess' to 'System’;

• Properties now uses an appropriate icon;

• Better integration with the latest libosinfo and udev libraries;

• USB devices are now refreshed in properties every time a device is removed or added;

• Fixes a notification bar crash;

• USB devices are now hidden in properties if usbredir is disabled;

• The sidebar width has been fixed for non-English locales;

• Fixes incorrect rendering of the ungrab label;

• Multiple installations can now be launched from the same media in the menu;

• Favorites Boxes will appear first in the recently used Boxes;

• Added memory units to diagnostic logs;

• Improved error messages when changing box properties fails.

Moreover, the following translations have been added, updated or fixed in GNOME Boxes 3.8 Beta 2: - Brazilian Portuguese, Galician, Greek, Gujarati, Hebrew, Italian, Lithuanian, Norwegian Bokmal, Polish, Punjabi, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Uyghur and Vietnamese.

Download GNOME Boxes 3.8 Beta 2 (3.7.91) right now from Softpedia. Remember that this is a beta version and it should NOT be installed on production machines. It is intended for testing purposes only.

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