GNOME Boxes 3.8 Beta 1 Adds Support for oVirt

This releases also improves media detection and restart of installations

By on February 24th, 2013 16:41 GMT

Yet another development version of the upcoming GNOME Boxes 3.8, a sophisticated application to easily and quickly access remote or virtual systems on the controversial and popular GNOME 3 desktop environment, saw the light of day a few days ago.

GNOME Boxes 3.8 Beta 1 is here to add various attractive features and fix some annoying issues that have been introduced since the previous development version, but first we should mention that some dependencies have changed: spice-client-gtk-3.0 >= 0.15 and govirt-1.0 >= 0.0.3 (without it, oVirt support is disabled).

Highlights of GNOME Boxes 3.8 Beta 1:

• Added support for oVirt;
• Added support for post-installation drivers, which means that, if combined with the libosinfo 0.2.4 library, all virio drivers and QXL will be automatically installed;
• Recommended storage and RAM are automatically marked in VM properties;
• Bumped minimum required and step value for RAM from 1MB to 64MB in VM properties;
• Downgraded the step value for storage from 1GB to 256MB in VM properties;
• IEC units are no longer used in properties and wizard;
• Fixed an infinite loop crash;
• Fixed a crash related to passing media on command-line;
• Improved media detection;
• Improved restart of installations;
• Media detection code can now adapt to the latest versions of the libosinfo and udev packages;
• The thumbnail position in properties view has been fixed;
• Better support for the new GNOME-Shell search interface;
• The installation progress of drivers will now always reach 100%, even if errors occurred during installation;
• Ability to search using multiple terms.

Moreover, the following translations have been added, updated or fixed in GNOME Boxes 3.8 Beta 1: Galician, Greek, Malayalam, Polish, Serbian, Slovenian, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish and Uyghur.

Download GNOME Boxes 3.8 Beta 1
(3.7.90) right now from Softpedia. Remember that this is a beta version and it should NOT be installed on production machines. It is intended for testing purposes only.