GNOME 3.8 Officially Released, Brings Back GNOME Classic

A lot of the basic features have been redesigned in this latest version

The GNOME Project has announced that GNOME 3.8 has been launched, delivering new applications, and numerous bug fixes and enhancements.

GNOME 3.8 has been in the works for some time and it represents a new milestone for the most used desktop environment.

“We are excited to release this latest version of GNOME 3. It is an extremly strong release, and is a major update to the GNOME 3 experience. We would like to thank the entire GNOME community for their hard work and dedication,” stated Matthias Clasen, from the GNOME Release Team.

To give you a sense of the work that went into the release of GNOME 3.8, the project has integrated 35,936 contributions from approximately 960 people.

Highlights of GNOME 3.8:

• A redesigned application launching view has been integrated. This means that users can now launch applications a lot faster than before;

• The search function has been enhanced, and will feature a new “result view” and new controls;

• New privacy settings will allow users to control who is accessing content on the computer;

• A new classic mode has been implemented, offering users a more conventional interface;

• The animation rendering has been improved, resulting in smooth transitions and window resizing;

• A new Clocks application has been added. It provides world clocks for different time zones, as well as an alarm, a stopwatch and a timer;

• The general settings have been updated and new panels have been added to incorporate all the options;

• All the GNOME applications have received updates, and this includes major improvements to the performance of Web, UI enhancements to Documents and a new Contacts editing mode.

GNOME 3.8 comes for the first time with GNOME Classic for those who prefer a traditional desktop experience. GNOME Classic configures the desktop to include popular GNOME 2 features, but with the underlying functionalities of a GNOME 3 desktop.

More details about this release can be found in the official announcement.

Download GNOME 3.8 right now from Softpedia.

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