GNOME 3.8.1 Officially Released

The latest version of GNOME can be downloaded from Softpedia

Matthias Clasen has announced that the first update for the 3.8.x branch is now live and available for download.

The first maintenance release for Gnome 3.8 has arrived on schedule and it's full of updates. It's worth mentioning that some of the included packages have major changes and improvements.

“The first update to GNOME 3.8, it includes many fixes, various improvements, and translation updates over 3.8.0, we hope you enjoy it.

“We won't end it here, we published the schedule for our next releases, and a first development release, 3.9.1, should be out on May 1st. Next stop will be the second update to GNOME 3.8, scheduled mid-May,” said Matthias Clasen in the official announcement.

Many of the core components have been updated to a more recent version. This list includes Clutter (1.14.0 => 1.14.2), Empathy (3.8.0 => 3.8.1), Epiphany (3.8.0 => 3.8.1), GTK+ (3.8.0 => 3.8.1), Mutter (3.8.0 => 3.8.1), Nautilus (3.8.0 => 3.8.1), Sushi (3.8.0 => 3.8.1), and Vala (0.20.0 => 0.20.1), just to name a few.

A few other components haven’t been updated at all: Gconf, Evince, gnome-disk-utility, Yelp, Totem, Zenity, network-manager, and more.

Some of the more important and visible apps received new versions, such as Evolution, File-Roller, Gedit, Orca, Rygel, and Vinagre.

You have to keep in mind that end users are not meant to install these packages. Unless you really know what you’re doing, you should wait for the developers to integrate Gnome 3.8.1 in the official repositories of your distribution.

The next release in line, for GNOME, will be the 3.9.x development branch, and the first version should be available for download by the end of the month or starting with May 1.

More details about this release and the included packages can be found in the official announcement.

Download the GNOME 3.8.1 sources right now from Softpedia.

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