GLib 2.39.1 Introduces GSettings Fixes and Improvements

This development release fixes numerous bugs and adds new features

The GNOME development team released the second development release towards the 2.40 stable branch of the powerful GLib library, which is heavily used in the GNOME desktop environment.

GLib 2.39.1 introduces several GSettings fixes and improvements, among which we can mention that the GSettingsSchema API is more consistent and powerful, a new GSettingsSchemaKey API has been added to allow metadata access for keys, GSettingsSchemaSource received support for listing schemas within a source, gsettings list-schemas has been repaired, several GSettings now-redundant functionality has been deprecated, and two new GSettings APIs have been added (one for getting the default value of a key, and the other one for determining if the user has assigned a particular value to a key or not).

Moreover, GLib 2.39.1 brings several other new functionality to Applications, Actions, Appinfo, GDBus, GIO, and GRand components. Lots of Windows portability fixes have been introduced in this version, especially for MSVC. Also, numerous memory errors have been found and fixed in GLib itself and in the testcase, do to early testing of the upcoming GCleanup framework.

Among the bugs fixed, we can mention a GApplication test failure, a typo in gio docs, better fallback for GRand on Windows, two fixes for GApplication, added g_hash_table_get_key_array(), added g_desktop_app_info_search(), added GAppInfoMonitor, a trivial portability fix, memory leaks in libgmodule tests, various memory leaks and a segfault in gsubprocess, as well as a memory leak of GMainLoop in gtestdbus.

Last but not least, the following translations have been updated in this new development release of the GLib library: Assamese, Galician, Greek, Spanish, and Tamil. More details can be found in the official raw changelog.

Download GLib 2.39.1 right now from Softpedia. Remember that this is a development version and it should NOT be installed on production machines. It is intended for testing purposes only.

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