GIK Acoustics 242 Elite Panels, Ridding You Off the Unnecessary Sound

The standard 242 panels, revamped

There are quite few rooms which have a natural acoustic character on their own, right form the beginning and their audio behavior usually fluctuates in direct relationship with the audio gear being placed inside them, volumes being played, furnishing and so many more factors, most of them beyond direct human control by means of basic constructive techniques.[admark=1]

This is why, audio experts have started to develop a lot of technologies to measure and counterbalance the acoustic irregularities in homes by means as various as possible.

One of the easiest ways to alter the general acoustics of a room is by means of phono-absorption technologies. From bass traps to special plaster, there are a lot of things one could use to correct or eliminate the nasty effects of poor audio character inside a room.

GIK Acoustics is one company specialized in the manufacturing of acoustic panels with home and professional use, meant to eliminate certain frequency ranges and to enhance listening conditions as close as possible to the true, ideal environment. The 242 Elite panels are made from special foam with highly-engineered composition, absorbing sound between 4kHz and 250Hz.

The greatest advantage of these boards is that they need no special skills for installation and neither do they require expensive house work or hundreds of holes drilled in your walls: just hang them on the wall, exactly like you would hang a framed picture and there you go! Of course, these panels can be placed in complex patterns on the walls and this decoration work might require some greater fuss. Even more, the Elite series now sports a wooden frame which can be customized to match your home d├ęcor and with stands for convenient placement in critical points.

Available in 6 Standard GIK Colors or 7 Guildford of Maine FR701 colors, with other colors and special Guilford of Maine Designer patterns available as an extra cost option, the 242 Elite acoustic panels come in sets of two, 2'x4'x4", for prices starting at $299.98 a set. See optional decorations here.

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