GFI and Russobit-M Merger Looking for New Market Segments

Another new company emerges on the market

Game Factory Interactive, one of the best known Russian game developers and publishers, has started a merger process with Russobit-M, resulting in an annual revenue prediction of $45 million and 350 people. The newly formed company aims to further expand its market in Russia by developing MMO games and trying their luck on the console and casual market in order to maximize their profits.

Game Factory Interactive has already developed in-house titles such as Rat Hunter, Officers, Homeplanet, Hired Guns: The Jagged Edge (a game that MUST be released in English) and has already proven that it is capable of creating great titles. According to Irina Mizrakhi, Russobit-M president, "the main reason for merger is the wish to enter and develop the MMORPG" and they estimate not having problems in trying new grounds since experts claim that the Russian market is not divided yet and it is relatively easy to enter. Also, consulting experts consider that the merger will prove to be a good move:

"The consolidation alike will result in a positive synergetic effect, allowing its members to cut down expenses on games promotion, for example," says iKS-Consulting analyst Yelena Krylova.

A specially created company, BestWay will become the managing partner of the newborn holding, but so far they remain relatively independent. The reason for this is a totally different inner structure, bringing together 'strict vertical' of Russobit-M and a network of small independent GFI subsidiaries.

Even though plans regarding new projects have been announced, details have not been given and we don't know what to expect from future releases. But one thing is clear (and a must): the entire gaming community wants to play a new Jagged Alliance, so we really hope that now, since two companies are involved, we'll get the game!

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