GFI Software Launches ThreatTrack 2.0

An intelligent monitoring solution that plugs malware holes in real time

GFI Software has launched ThreatTrack 2.0, an intelligent monitoring solution that provides customers with visibility into the threat landscape by collecting information from various resources, including GFI's automated malware analysis tool SandBox.

ThreatTrack 2.0 collects data streams containing over 69 million malicious URLs, IP addresses and other malware samples.

The intelligence provided by the solution can help organizations in their effort to block malicious websites, emails and other traffic that might pose a risk to the integrity of their networks.

ThreatTrack 2.0 can be used not only by in-house IT security teams to strengthen their firewalls and other protection systems, but also by security vendors that can utilize it to ensure that their malware reputation databases are always up to date with the latest threats.

“When you are up against sophisticated cybercriminals, every minute counts. Zero-day malware threats are much harder for security systems to detect than known malicious files that are already blacklisted,” explained Julian Waits, general manager of GFI Software’s security business unit.

“The security industry and the academic world work together closely to analyse new and evolving malware samples and identify ways to stop these threats before they can infect enterprise networks. ThreatTrack can be an invaluable part of this process, as it provides the real-time intelligence needed to combat malware as cybercriminals look for new backdoor vulnerabilities to target.”

Compared to ThreatTrack 1.0, the new variant of the security solution provides customers with up to 7 times more data. In addition, data streams are now available via a REST API which offers real-time, direct access to information that’s constantly updated.

Furthermore, the REST API permits users to download only the information they want to analyze, the one that is relevant for their organization.

Another noteworthy benefit of ThreatTrack 2.0 is the fact that customers can select from XML, TXT and JSON formatting options, depending on what they need to integrate the data streams into their products.

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