GAMMAXX S40, a CPU Cooler with a Bowl-Shaped Fan from Deepcool

The item works with any CPU from Intel and Advanced Micro Devices

Not much has been happening lately, as the IT industry seems to be taking a sabbatical after the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2013), but the world isn't completely bereft of new product introductions.

Deepcool has made a token effort to interrupt the monotony, having revealed the latest cooler in the Gammax family.

Called GAMMAXX S40, it is compatible with more or less all Intel and AMD CPUs, including LGA 2011 for the former and FM2 for the latter.

Deepcool even chose the holes-on-fins design that pushes hot air out of the heatsink more quickly by means of a large heat dissipation surface. The fins also have higher vertical air flow during passive cooling.

As for aesthetics, the fins are “designed as shark fin for the beauty of the product.” People won't normally be looking at the cooler, but for those whose cases have side windows, it doesn't hurt for the item to be pleasant on the eyes.

As for the fan, it has a diameter of 120 mm, the PWM function (adjustable rotary speed of 900 to 1,600 RPM) and a bowl-like shape that maximizes air pressure.

Finally, to pull the heat out of the CPU with utmost effectiveness, the four heatpipes directly come into contact with the processor itself.

Normal coolers have a base plate of some sort for that, but Deepcool chose the direct-contact route, where the heatpipes are carefully flattened and polished so that they are perfectly lined up and lacking in space between each other.

All information on the Deepcool GAMMAX S40 is on the product page, located here. No price has been disclosed yet, sadly, which means the company might be waiting for its deliveries to reach online stores and street retailers. Either way, it shouldn't take too long for shipments to start, at which point this final mystery will be an enigma no more.

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