G1 Users Download More Apps Than iPhone Ones

It is not known how many of the apps are kept

Android mobile phone users are reported to have downloaded more applications to their handsets than iPhone users, says a recent study from T-Mobile. The wireless operator reports that G1 Android users have downloaded an average of 40 applications for their devices in comparison with the 37 downloaded by iPhone owners.

On the other hand, there are no details on how many of the downloaded applications have been kept by the users. G1 owners might have retained only half of the applications they downloaded or even more, and the same applies to iPhone. One thing that is sure though is the fact that more and more customers are tapping into the applications available on the Android Market. It seems that more than 80 percent of the Android users have downloaded at least an application per week on their handsets.

Robert Dotson, chief executive of T-Mobile USA, delivered a keynote speech last week at CTIA Wireless 2009 in Las Vegas, and highlighted some facts, including a number of 1.5 million G1s ordered since October 2008, while almost 50 percent of the users that purchased a G1 from T-Mobile traded it up from a basic device.

Among the other things that were mentioned is the fact that 50 percent of the G1 users accessed Wi-Fi daily, while 80 percent of them browsed the web at least once a day. Most T-Mobile G1 owners use social networking sites like Facebook or access YouTube at least once a week. When drawing the line, T-Mobile says that its G1 users would be consuming 50 times the data vs. the average voice-centric phone user.

All in all, the idea would be that Google's Android Market and Apple's iTunes App Store are examples of how popular locations where users can easily find applications for their device have become. Given the fact that more industry players have announced their intentions in the area, we should see more similar reports in the near future.

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