G.Skill Releases 32GB Memory Kit for Apple iMac

The modules use the SO-DIMM form factor, normally found in laptops

G.Skill thought it had released enough memory kits for PCs or just figured Apple iMacs could do with some special attention. Either way, it supplied a new memory product for the latter.

The product in question is really a large-capacity kit, where “large capacity” means no less than 32 GB. That's more than the majority of PCs and, indeed, Apple systems.

We should probably explain why the memory looks the way it does, though.

Some people might not know this, but Apple uses SO-DIMM modules in its iMac 2011 instead of DIMM (the normal format for desktop memory).

This is why the modules in the photo are smaller than some may have expected: they are SO-DIMM, the type normally employed in laptops.

The 32 GB mark is achieved thanks to the 8 GB capacity of each module and the clock speed is 1,333 MHz. Buy it here, for $269.99 (207 Euro).

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