G.Skill Outs 64GB DDR3 2400MHz Quad-Channel Memory Kit for LGA 2011 CPUs

Expect it to cost an arm and a leg once it arrives in reatil

G.Skill’s famous Ripjaws Z series of memory solutions has just received another member, a 64GB kit that is capable of reaching DDR3 2400MHz speeds in quad-channel mode when used together with Intel’s LGA 2011 processors based on the Sandy Bridge-E architecture.

The memory modules used in this kit sport G.Skill’s now traditional Ripjaws heat-spreaders which are designed to keep the temperatures of the memory chips installed inside under control even when overclocked.

The kit is comprised out of eight 8GB modules that deliver a total of 64GB of system memory, and these were designed to run at DDR3 2400MHz speeds using CL10 timings.

In order to make sure that the DDR3 sticks are capable of working at these high frequencies, G.Skill is testing every single module as well as the chips packed inside it.

According to the company, these go through a rigorous validation process to ensure the maximum stability, while maintaining a decent overclocking headroom.

The platform used for these tests is comprised out of an Asus Republic of Gamers (ROG)Rampage 4 Extreme motherboard and a Intel Core i7-3960K processor.

Sadly G.Skill hasn’t provided us with any information regarding the availability or the retail price of the 64GB Ripjaws Z high-performance memory kit.

However, these are expected to feature quite a high price premium over the current 64GB memory kit retailed by the company, which works at 1600MHz DDR3 and sells for $799.99 (roughly 606 EUR).

During IDF 2011, which took place at the start of September, Kingston also showcased a similar memory kit and back than said that pricing for this solution, once it becomes available, in estimated to drop between $1200 and $1500 (909 to 1,137 EUR), which is quite a steep price if you ask us.


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