Future Movies Might Be Revealed via Disney Infinity

Content will be delivered via download for next-gen consoles

Disney has big plans for its coming Infinity mix of video game and toys and it seems that one of them is to pre-load game disks with content linked to movies and other intellectual properties that have not yet been announced.

John Vignocchi, an executive producer working on Disney Infinity, tells VideoGamer that, “That’s something that we’ve made the film-makers aware of. There’s absolute potential that people are going to see characters prior to their PR campaigns kicking off if someone does that.”

“But we’re hoping that isn’t something that is widespread reported because then people are going to start looking for it, and it’s going to ruin the magic for the consumer.”

It’s not yet clear how Disney wants to make sure that it keeps the new content hidden before it is officially announced.

The producer adds, “In the future, as we move on to new versions of consoles we’re going to be able to digitally deliver that content, and the figurines themselves will simply be dongles that allow us to then instantiate a download of that content.”

John Vignocchi says that the same mechanism is currently used by Activision for its own Skylanders franchise, with content included on disk and unlocked when new toys for the franchise are launched.

Disney Infinity is an ambitious project, which will use characters from the extensive catalog of the company and real-world toys to create new virtual worlds that give gamers the freedom to tell their own stories.

Initially, 17 characters will be offered and more than 40 customization options will allow players to personalize them before they complete quest on their own or with friends.

The Disney Infinity game universe will evolve as the company launches more content and will presumably come to encompass both the Star Wars movies and the Marvel line of comic books.

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